AFL finds itself at a $2.5 billion crossroads

AFL finds itself at a .5 billion crossroads
The AFL took a risk when it rejected dual branding, instead of taking "AFL" for logos and brand marketing and allowing "Australian football" to describe the game that's been played here since 1859. With all the focus on the top tier, the AFL …
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Reborn to Run: Retro Athletic Wear
The brand's muted color palette—heathery shades of navy and gray—and lack of logos better reflect her taste. And that quieter approach is something she felt was missing in a market where having a piece look innovative is sometimes more important than …
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Add ads to your favorite team's jerseys
For everyone who grew up on sports in the '60s and '70s, there was a certain aesthetic that was seen as modern and correct: clean lines, geometric precision, no garish advertising to cheapen the experience. It wasn't like that in the '40s and '50s …

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