Anguish as station covers own tragedy

Anguish as station covers own tragedy
Their station, Roanoke's WDBJ (Channel 7) assigned them to interview a local business executive at a nearby mountain resort – the sort of story designed to create a few cheerful but forgettable minutes for the morning newscast. By the time the sun rose …
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The average person can design and build apps. Here's how …
Their natty logos identify them on a smartphone or tablet touch screen. Can the average person design and build apps? The short answer is yes, using off-the-shelf design software that doesn't require coding expertise. The longer answer, well, read on.
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What Is It Like to Be a Graphic Designer?
Upon studying this book, I started to pay attention to how different corporations presented themselves. I could start teasing out the invisible "rules" that guided how their logos were presented. I wanted not only to create great looking and effective …
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