bcachefs: a general purpose COW filesystem

bcachefs: a general purpose COW filesystem
For those who haven't kept up with bcache, the bcache codebase has been evolving/metastasizing into a full blown, general purpose posix filesystem – a modern COW filesystem with checksumming, compression, multiple devices, caching, and eventually …
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American Enterprise unwraps art collection
RELATED:Office has 'Mad Men' style, modern amenities. The portrait is gone now, swapped for the 18,000-pound bronze sphere in the courtyard. But most of the other 74 works from that original collection — plus some 300 more, added in the years since …
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The Strange Medieval Origins of Modern Logos
But I was curious about how modern logos and trademarks emerged. It turns out that even though we think of logos and branding as global, they're an essentially urban concept. They emerged to protect both businesses from the unfair competition across …
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The ethics of modern web ad-blocking
In a few years, after the dust has settled, we're all going to look back at today's web's excesses and abuses as an almost unbelievable embarrassment. Hopefully, the worst is behind us. And it's time to stop demonizing people who use tools to bring …
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