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Best Logo Design


Special Offer from 99Designs to LaunchAStartup readers: 99Designs sent me an email with this offer: $25 discount to all mobile traffic. Though the link worked fine on my desktop, you may have to open it from your mobile device to get $25 off. The easiest way would be to Google “99designs review” on your mobile device and find LaunchAStartup on the first page.


I love graphic design, I designed both the website and logo. But I’ve also used 99designs numerous times to get a different perspective from dozens of other designers, thus saving me time and money. As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly busy with other things so the first time I used 99designs was out of necessity, as I didn’t have enough time to come up with something myself. I recently helped a consulting company and they needed a logo quickly to speed up the process to launch.


What They Were Looking For: While 99designs does require you to fill out a design brief, their details were still very ambiguous because they honestly had no clue of what we were looking for. The only detail I gave was that Mazzuolo is Italian for “Mallet” thus they perhaps wanted to incorporate a mallet, hammer, or even hammerhead shark.


We received dozens of applicants, and ultimately had to choose between 4-5 very good designs. We gave them feedback on how they could improve the design and each designer promptly submitted another design (remember that designers don’t get paid unless they win). I won’t share the others as I believe the only logo I own is the one we paid for (above).


Before 99designs, logo design was expensive. You’d have to shed a couple hundred bucks for a few logos that you wouldn’t even like. 99designs sought to change that paradigm and since it’s launch in 2008 they’ve grown to be the largest online graphic design marketplace paying out over $51,222,431 to designers awarded via contests. If you’re reading this post you probably know what they’re all about, basically a crowd of graphic designers compete to give you the design you love, or your money back.


Like many things which are fun, it was not making me much money. But that was fine, I didn’t expect it to. After all, you’re competing with tons of other creative people and the odds are stacked against you.


There are, however, some people on sites like these which do seem to dominate over the rest and have made thousands of dollars. They win contests more often than any of the other users on a site, but they are the exception.


My own experience with being part of the “crowd” was mostly naming contests to help new businesses find a name for their company, product, service, domain (a bit more tricky) or a tagline/slogan to help brand them.


Obviously this is pretty easy on my end. That’s not to say it doesn’t require talent and creativity, but the reality is that thinking of a clever idea for a name and jotting it down to submit it on a crowdsourcing site is technically very easy to do and takes only seconds.


Now I’m no graphic artist at all, let’s make that clear. However, crowdsourcing has been used across the board for tons of different creative talents and I’ve also blogged in the past about different types of crowdsourcing sites you can make money with.



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