Essential Traits of the Most Successful Company Logos

Essential Traits of the Most Successful Company Logos
Whether you're a freelance designer who wants to give your clients a logo that catches the most attention or you're a startup founder who simply looking to create a company logo that's best representative of you goals, you'll need to know the essential …
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Stone cold classics: The unconventional iconography of the Rolling Stones
Pasche says it took him close to two weeks to get the logo – known by many as Tongue & Lips – right, laughing that although obvious now, “creating a disembodied mouth and tongue was quite a task” for a young designer who at that point had only done “a …
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West graduate makes art while the sun shines
Anybody who walks into my office asks me where I got it. I bought one for the district manager as well.” Jeff did a Dallas Cowboys logo for him. He even repurposed a slice of wood cut from the bottom of a Christmas tree to make a Home Depot logo ornament.
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Burger King Wants Peace McWhopper, McDonald's Not Lovin' It
Burger King's proposal, laid out at, include a special sandwich, uniforms with both chains' logos and even a pop-up restaurant in Atlanta that would serve the special burger. Patrons wouldn't pay with money, but would instead pay …

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