Famous Logos and Growth Phrases

Famous Logos and Growth Phrases

Have you ever wondered about the developing process and the changes of famous logos such as Microsoft, Apple, LG, or Canon? Through them, a part of company’s brand is transferred immediately. If logo design is done well, a series of benefits are gained, and efforts to promote the brand distinguish are coming true. The power of a logo and benefits behind them are obvious, thus, it’s interesting to find out the meaning and growth period of top 8 giants in technology and commercial world.



Its first logo was introduced in 1978 in simple text in italics. So far, the logo has been designed more elegantly with a unique black color, which is absolutely popular with many people.

Different versions of Microsoft’s logo



The giant Siemens took innovative with two letter S and H in 1899, equivalent to two founders Siemens and Halske.

The brand was well-known in 1973 and the latest logo evolution was in 1991 with a focus on blue letters until now.



It’s interesting to find out that early typeface of Canon was different to the current one.

To reflect a global perspective- the Buddhist goddess of Mercy, a picture of the goddess with 1,000 arms and flames was designed to be Canon’s logo in 1934.

Next ones are simplified by unique changes.



LG was a result of a merger between two different companies, Lucky and Goldstar. In 1995, Lucky Goldstar was renamed to LG Electronics.

A whole range of LG companies adopted the tagline: ‘Life’s Good’.


Mozilla Firefox

Early logo was on focus of a phoenix image in match with the program name. Due to legal reason, Mozilla was supposed to rename in Firefox and design stylized fox out of modified builds which is popular over the world.

Phoenix was renamed ‘Firebird’ in 2003 and ‘Firefox’ in 2004



Apple’s original logo came for the first time in 1976 reflecting the story of Issac Newton under the apple tree.


The version was changed into an interesting piece of corporate artwork.

The style logo was designed by co-founders Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.



The merger between International Time Recording Company and Computing Scale Company formed the first official logo of IBM in 1911. By 1947, letters IBM was aimed to commercial purpose.





After some small changes in 1956 and the last one in 1972, IBM was modified like in the picture.



After established in 1992, Palm went with tagline Palm Computing which is very popular worldwide.



The logo was changed in 2000 when the company was separated. In the last version, an orange circle appears around modified front text.



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