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“Today I’m the highest earning and number one ranked designer on an online crowdsourcing website.

“I’ve accumulated more than $600,000 over the past four years, building my fortune on thousands of jobs, sleepless nights, and continual determination.”

Despite this success, India-born Anand admits it was not an easy transition away from a steady job.

And having to develop his new design skills was given added pressure when his parents warned they would not support his further studies.

“While this has given me liberating financial freedom, the road to being a successful freelancer has not been a walk in the park,” he says.

I drew this UNT monogram logo on a grid using an 18 point stroke weight and the line tools in Adobe Illustrator. The strokes were then outlined and some slices were added to create the appearance of overlapping.


Drawing with stroked vectors by using the line tools is the best method for creating single-line-weight letters and illustrations. One issue that arises from working this way is that the grid and stroked elements don’t often line up. The disparity comes from the differing default measurement systems between the grid, which is measured in inches, and strokes, which are measured in points. While the two measurement systems might appear to be unrelated, those in the know remember that 72 points equal one inch. With that fact in mind, and starting from the default grid in Illustrator (1 inch grid with 8 subdivisions), some quick math (8 x 9 = 72) will tell you that if you base your strokes off of the number 9, your strokes will align with the grid after being outlined. I have found that doubling the number of default subdivisions works even better with a 9 point stroke. Here’s why: the lines you will be drawing are going to be running along your grid. A 9 point stroke is equal to 1/8 of an inch (.125 in), but that means your stroke will be straddling the grid the same way the stroke straddles the vector line. It is equal to one unit, but the outlined stroke is not hitting the intersections of the grid. By doubling your subdivisions to 16, you will ensure that an outlined 9 point stroke will be hitting the grid on all sides. Don’t forget to select Snap To Grid from the View menu when working this way.


This example illustrates why you either need to double your grid subdivisions or your stroke weight. Use the arc tool (hidden behind the line tool in Adobe Illustrator) to create quarter-circle arcs.


After doubling the grid subdivisions to 16, a 9 point stroke covers the width of two grid units. You could also keep the subdivisions at 8 and double the stroke weight to 18 for the same effect.


Quick, what’s 9 times 8? Hopefully you thought 72, but if you’re a designer, you may have instinctively shouted “I HATE MATH!” Most of the designers and design students I know claim math as a weakness, but I have never understood why. Math and geometry are used so much in graphic design, it can’t be avoided. Geometry IS design and should be embraced as a wonderful tool for creating order. Circles, squares, and hexagons, along with arcs and lines based on these and other shapes, can be used to create geometric illustrations and type. The inherent anatomy of these shapes calls for a grid to be used as a guide. The grid helps to unite a composition by creating an underlying, semi-visible structure.


The most effective digital campaigns offer a seamless connection between multiple channels, such as your website, your social media presence, and television commercials – Chipotle’s Scarecrow campaign was a fantastic example.


Not only does a cross-channel approach provide a consistent experience for your customers, but it helps to deepen your overall brand messaging and appeal. While you can tweak your content based on who will be most likely to engage with each channel, keep it consistent, stay customer-focused, and use similar images and colors throughout.


Make people want to share your content by provoking an emotional response, inspiring them, being useful or entertaining. Alternately, follow Old Navy’s lead and give everyone a free pair of flip-flops in exchange for a tweet!


Volvo’s campaign featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme was hugely successful for several reasons, but mostly because it sparked an explosion of Jean Claude memes.


Digital marketing has revolutionized the world of business, with the key to success now being the ability to engage. Whether your business sells t-shirts, cleaning products or IT solutions, your efforts in the digital space can make or break your business – so be sure your campaigns are going viral for all the right reasons. Here’s a few tips to get you on the road to a flawless digital marketing campaign.



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