Health Logos

Do healthcare systems companies really need public brand recognition? As concerns about fitness are hankering the medical sector, many allied companies have cropped up. Allopathic and alternate medical companies are out to endorse well being. Whether it is unethical to advertise is debatable, but there are no two ways about remaining trim and physically fit. Companies using eye catching health logos to propagate their products and medicinal claims have shot up. Health logos are definitely not funky, but are serious, related to issues that concern us. Subtle use graphics, images and messages are the key to good insignia of a medical unit. It could be a food product, a supplement, Vitamin Company, ayurvedic holistic healing product etc. The logo has to be very precise and with minimal show convey the necessary message. A slew of Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, institutes and counselling centres for mental health, alternative medicinal practices, contribute to healthcare- their logos express their identity and communicate the nuances of health and happiness. Both health and environment contribute to the overall fitness of the planet and people living. With health logos and star systems on the bottle or jar, one can shop for the right product for the family.

A good example of an effective health logo is that of National Institute of Mental Health, USA. It is a research institute working towards treatment of mental illnesses for prevention, recovery and cure. Its logo is abbreviated- NIMH. A serif font is used in white. One stroke of the letter ‘M’ is deliberately missed out to convey that human mind is not totally fathomable, making mental illnesses difficult to diagnose and treat. The letter ‘H’ has a dot between the two standing lines relating to the root, the core of the mental health. Ayurveda is the oldest healing science. It advocates happy life through ideal ways of living. is an online health guide based on its the principles. Its logo is a formed with two care-free human figures with a curvy green triangle in the background. One human figure is white signifying peace of mind (essential for healthy life) and joy. The orange one stands for energy, vitality and fun. The green background speaks of prosperity, fertility and happiness.

Health logos should be used in the right places like pharmacies, medical stores and medical trade fairs. It is not for general view and its misuse should be avoided.

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