History Of Logos

History Of Logos

“Logos “we often come across this simple word but yet we are quite confused that what it exactly mean, why companies use logo to represent their company. Isn’t company name is enough to express the company. The word simply means a design or symbol which companies used to express their companies name and their objectives. We all are familiar with pictography. In ancient times people used pictures or draw the pictures to express their feelings similarly companies now a day’s used “logos” to express their goals and services to its customers or consumers.

The idea of the “logo” design comes from “pictography” itself. One can say pictographs are early forms of logo designs. Icons can also be another form of logos. One can only use a image in their logo design or a image and punch line or simply a punch line in their logo design. Also, you have come across many companies who have their logo as their companies’ name.

It’s not necessary that your logo design must contain a picture or different and stylish font and bold colours. But, it can be simple and best at the same time. A simple logo can able to describe everything about your company at once that a stylish logo with too much design may be failed to express. Most important thing that your logo must attract the attention of viewers at one’s glance.

The main thing is that logo designs are accepted universally because it has boosted the product’s demand to great extend. Moreover, logo designs considered as an important tool of advertising and marketing strategies. In current era logo design has become so popular that not only companies used it to represent them in front of others but politicians use logos of their party or religious groups used logos to represent themselves to their flocks.

Each and every type of business organisation use logo design to represent their companies name and its motto whether it’s manufacturing, financing or any other. Like a national flag or a country say India represents its country dignity and also tell about the country living or culture same as a logo of a particular company describes about its norms and tells something very crucial about a company.

A company logo is a symbol of a company’s work. Any company which design its logo must design it in a manner that people remember it in a long run and the logo leaves a everlasting effect in the mind of viewers. The best and most common example of such type of logo is “Nike”. It is most likeable logo and simple too. It has gained so much popularity and attention that people till today remember it.

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