How To Choose Photos, Logos And Graphics For Your Business Cards

How To Choose Photos, Logos And Graphics For Your Business Cards
Business card shows the quality of the business. Designing a business card is difficult especially when you in a chaos to add picture or text on the card. It is not easy to predict which will be more effective than the other will. There are many factors to consider while finalizing a picture to text or text to picture. The effectiveness of the business card will vary depending on the business category.
While designing business cards, it is important to analyze where the cards will be distributed and who will be receiving them. Analyzing these factors will improve the designing and the effectiveness of the card. Having photos, logos and graphics on business cards is totally depended on those who are receiving the cards. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of adding photo, logo and graphics to the cards.
These are the general advantages and disadvantages of adding photos on cards.
Advantages of Photo:
Help to improve trust: The main advantage of having a photo on the business card is to increase trust. Businesses that are made with relationships such as public speaking and counseling can have a photo on the business card. This kind of trust is very important in business where the prospects or customers.
Identity Recognition: Business cards with photos will help a new contact to find and identify you easily.
Disadvantages of Photo:
The main disadvantage of having a photo on the business card is that people will start pre judging you and your business. Apart from that, you will have to update your change the business card often as you tend to grow old. Most people do not prefer to add their picture to the card as it is very expensive.
Logos and Graphics:
Business logos and graphics will give the business card a professional look. Generally, companies that build trust and good relationship with their customers have logo in their business profile. Therefore, having your business logo on the card will be beneficial.

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