Logos Vs Icon Major Differences

Vs Icon

Business logos represent the company and the business. Which type of logo would you like to have for your business? Every new businessperson would think in the early stages of his preparation about this question. We know there are two main types of logos that are used across the globe which are text-based logo and icon based logos. It is not easy to identify which suits your business the most. However, logotypes are chosen and designed considering few major aspects that are detailed in this article. Let us have a look at the types of logos to find which would be suitable for your business.
It is always important to identify your business needs and focus on the type of business before selecting a logotype. In most cases, for professional business people, attorneys, real estate agents, text logo will be more suitable. This is due to the main reason to which they have needed to build trust in their clients. In this case, a text-based logo will be more suitable than a logo based company.
If you own a designing company or multimedia or vehicle company, icon based logo will be more suitable. In this type of business, attraction and professional look is more important than trust. This is why icon based logos will be more suitable for these types of business. Therefore, it is very important to understand the type of business offering and the kind of clients you are targeting. It is mainly based on these two aspects you select a type of logo for the company.
Another important aspect is the cost of designing. Text based logo can be designed quickly and is much less expensive than the icon based logos which are expensive since it consumes more time to design. these two are the major aspects to consider while selecting the logotype for a company.

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