Malaysians get creative for Bersih 4 with 'yellow' trees, 'Les Misérables

Malaysians get creative for Bersih 4 with 'yellow' trees, 'Les Misérables
Initiating a project called “Yellow Trees,” Goroh adorned trees with yellow ribbons as a show of solidarity and to build a different common interest platform for Sabahans who wanted to be part of the Bersih movement, whose official colour is bright …
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2020 Tokyo Olympics hit by new controversy
But now Belgian designer Olivier Debie is charging that the logos for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games bear a striking resemblance to a design he created for a theater in Liege, Belgium, two years ago. He is threatening legal action if …
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Logos on the Iconic Habs Jersey?
While I'm sure owners are always open to coming up with ways to generate additional revenue, this would be a surefire way to draw the ire of the NHL's longtime, loyal fans. Advertisements on jerseys would only weaken the brand of the team's themselves.
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10 Car Logos That You Probably Never Knew The Meaning Of
The Alfa Romeo logo is arguably the best badge in the automotive business. It's elegant, sleek and filled with mystery. Until now, that is… You see, the red cross on the left is the symbol of Milan, while on the right, you'll see a dragon/snake eating …
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