Best Logo Design Styles 2015

Logo Lounge for the past twelve years, have posted annual trend reports and they have just released the 2015 logo trends report. I would love to hear your thoughts on the showcased trends.


Logo’s are an important role for any business and brand because a stylish and attractive logo design presents your business in a professional manner. Thanks for sharing with us a very useful article.


Really, Logo have a great impact for any kind of business. It reflects your personality, principal and values in case of your business. It establish an identity of a business. So, An organization need an impressive logo design that gets more attention of people. In that blog, these all are such a nice logo trends for 2015. Thanks for sharing it.


Nice showcase indeed!Every year logo design trends are changed and take some new creative techniques in place of old design trends..I agree with Bill Gardner there are lot of different and creative logo design trends out there but no any one can notice about it.. It’s great that Logo Lounge do work on it and provide some great and inspiring logo design trends every year..


Every year, it’s worth noting that this is a report on trends, not a recipe book of styles. It is also not a finite list: There are other valid trends out there that are not mentioned here. The report should serve you as an ongoing view of where logo design is headed. The word “trends” in itself can have a very negative cast, but in truth, trends aren’t bad. They reveal our growth. It’s our take on them that allows us to move even further forward.



Business logos have become very important for every business today. There are many reasons for which the business has logos. It is considered mainly as the most powerful tool used for marketing, promoting and branding business. Apart from that, logos create a first impression in customers and clients. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best business logo. The best method to design a logo is to hire a logo designing company or hiring an expert logo designer. If you have designing skills, you can create the logo using logo-designing software.
Logos need to
be designed specially to meet the standards of the business. Since it represents the companys brand giving the first attraction to the customers, it has to be unique and designed specially with utmost care. The logos need to depict the business and its quality. Many factors make the logo standout. Let us see few of them.
Design: Many types of designs those are suitable for logos. Either you can design a text logo or icon based logo. However, it is up to the business owner as which type of logo he needs. Nowadays, dynamic designs are the latest and commonly used logo in the websites. This type of logo does live an impression on the customer and it remains a standout feature of the logo. The design should meet the requirements of the business and it should explain the business in total. In simple words, it has to depict the business without compromising on the quality.
Color Combination: In most cases, the best logos will have a color combination that is very similar to the colors used in the business cards, website, brochures etc. it is wise and professional to have similar color combination on your entire marketing and branding product. The color should match the design and it should be relevant to the logo. With perfect color combination and design, the logo will leave a positive impression in the customer.

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