Thumb Through Bau, the Edgy Architecture Zine of the Late '60s

Thumb Through Bau, the Edgy Architecture Zine of the Late '60s
This particular issue was entirely dedicated to the US and populated by images that include Marilyn Monroe, Coca Cola logos, cowboys and JFK. The editors, and particularly Hollein (who studied in the US), greatly admired the US and what it represented …
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Adding lower thirds in Kdenlive
Motion graphics is the term used for all the snazzy, fancy logos and bars and tickers that stream across screens during the evening news, sporting events, and documentaries. There's a fine art to good motion graphics, and Kdenlive (or any video editing …

Here's to the people who make our democracy work
Party logos are popping up everywhere, from lampposts to social media pages. Slogans and partisan chatter fill the airwaves. … The complex nature of modern federal elections should not be underestimated. I had the unique opportunity of traveling …
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Technological, cosmetic upgrades at Lourdes include new labs, virtual
COAL TOWNSHIP – Two refurbished and modern physics, chemistry and biology labs mark a successful fundraising campaign and the biggest visible change welcoming an increased student population back to Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School for the 2015-16 …
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