Trade Show Display Graphics

Effectiveness for your trade show display graphics is crucial for the overall success of your booth. There have been several studies done at different times that have regularly come up with the same answer, and that is that you have approximately three seconds to grab the attention of potential consumers passing by in the trade show.

This period of time is not long, but the overall presentation of your trade show display graphics definitely help determine the success you will experience when trying to reach the people that your products and services are intended for.

Potential consumers walking around in the trade show need to have your booth literally jump out and speak to them. This can be done with crucial planning and research on your part, to see what actually works for this to come into play. The indispensable factor here is persuasive, eye catching graphics. There are a few “rules of thumb” if you will, to have your booth capture the trade show attendee’s attention.

They are as follows:
* Land the potential prospects attention. A spectacular image or a powerful message will certainly do this.
* Sell yourself, your staff and your company at the same time. Tell them who you are and what your company has to offer them.
* Let the potential consumers know a few of the advantages that make your company different from your competitors.
* Simplicity is the key. Don’t have an overcrowded display that distracts the consumer’s attention away from what you are trying present to them. .
* Graphic Display details will capture people’s attention. Make sure your company logo and contact information is clearly visible.

You may be wondering why graphics even matter. They are the first impression that you make on your potential clients. And your space has to stand out above the rest. It may help you to visit a few trade shows to gain some ideas on what works and what you should avoid.

See what grabs your attention in a booth, and implement that into your own trade show display graphics. This procedure may be time-consuming, but seeing your competitor’s display graphics will certainly be worth the effort you put forth.

The staff that you have on hand at your exhibit needs to have experience and the ability to communicate with the targeted consumers. Dressing professionally is an important key in displaying the type of atmosphere you wish to convey for your company, as well as yourself. Remember, too, that confined space does not have to mean a lesser quality of product or service, just display it in a way that flows and size of the space will not matter.

Also, consider giving away promotional gifts. Think of something different with the company logo on it to remind the patrons of you in the future. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds when the time comes for them to need your services.

These shows not only gain you customers on the spot, they often produce results well after the show is over. Trade show display graphics are an essential component of a successful and profitable show.

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