Vinyl Car Graphics

Vinyl Car Graphics
Car graphics add a cool and individualistic touch to an otherwise boring vehicle. Okay, maybe not that boring, but an ordinary looking car that resembles millions of other vehicles in hundreds of cities all over the world does not make your car “individual.” Car graphics allow a car owner to customize his vehicle to fit his personality and lifestyle. Sometimes, a color selection at the car dealership is not enough—the car owner must jazz up his vehicle according to his personal taste with design elements that only vinyl car graphics can provide.

Selecting a design from a printing shop is easy enough, but there might be other people who have selected the same design for their vehicles. To truly customize a car, you might need to design your own vinyl car graphics. A basic knowledge of Photoshop or some other graphic design software will make this task very easy for a person who wishes to have his car stand out from the crowd.

Full vehicle wraps will definitely cost the car owner a pretty penny, but partial wraps are also possible. Putting separate design elements on the doors, hood, roof, and even the windows will save the car owner a lot of money because these separate car graphics can be installed even without professional help. Applying vinyl sheets on car surfaces can be a daunting task for a car owner, especially if it will be the first time he will be doing it. Washing and waxing the car first and drying it completely is important in the application of these sticker sheets—to ensure that there will be no particles stuck between the graphic and the car surface, which make for unsightly bumps.

There is nothing more unsightly than peeling vinyl stickers on the surface of a car, and because of this, the car owner must take proper care of the personalization he has done in his car. Vinyl sheets will need regular maintenance to preserve the “cool” look of the vehicle. To repair peeling vinyl stickers, they should be wiped with a soft cloth or rag—take notice of any remaining dust or loose dirt and remove them gently. Use a credit card or a plastic scraper and press down on the peeling parts. Cut off the portions that no longer contain adhesive with sharp scissors or an X-Acto knife to remove the unsightly parts completely.

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