What Are World’s Best Logos Made Of?

What Are World’s Best Logos Made Of?

There are many logo artists who claim that through their most eminent logos, through their talent of design, art consciousness and simplicity they have gained prestigious position. But the question is if people are able to dredge up some logos easier than others just because they are good?

These days we go through many brands in our life. We come across some of these brands in our every day life and some others we see one or two times in our complete lifetime. There are some brands which cannot be avoided even for a short time. When you switch on a Nokia mobile we first have to see Nokia logo. Each time we see a channel there will be a channel logo that constantly appears on the screen.

After all this the question is that why do people remember these logos? Is it because they are good or is it because that logo is not getting out of your mind? Never worry for the answer, the truth is the logos are created that way. They are helping you to overlook the brand or product they are representing.

Now, let us explore and see some of most well known logo designs and study in detail about the logos, their principles and techniques they were created.

Generally there are four basic types of logos:
Word marks – These logos contains company or brand name in text format. This is also called as logotype or text logo. In this logo type the text fonts are uniquely designed. Some of these names specify what the company is dealing with. This logo may contain graphic designs like lines, borders or a letter that cover the word or boxes.

Iconic logotype or combination logo – These logos contain a graphic design plus the company name. The symbol and the name are adjusted side by side or one above the other. Once the company proves its ability than the symbol and the word can be separately used and become recognized company logo.

Brand marks – This logo is entirely opposite to word mark logo. This logo is also known as graphic logo or symbol logo. These logos contain only graphic designs like shapes, symbols and images but not words of letters. Some of the well known brands can use this logo type. Even if they don’t have any word to say the name, they are still recognized through their graphic logo. Every business man aims for this type of logo. This is the proof of their superiority.

Integrated logotype – Integrated logotype are logotypes formed with elements of graphics and fonts. Font and graphics have visually appealing effects. Now you can check the logo of LG Company. The letters ‘L’ and ‘G’ are so arranged that they actually are depicting a human face. When we first see the logo we only see the face then when watched deeply we find the letters. Hence these types of logos are called unique pieces.

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