Working with Logos and Custom Fountains

Working with Logos and Custom Fountains

What’s so appealing about a business sign? While there are always going to be limits as to the amount of creativity and originality that a business owner can use when making a roadside sign, once you actually enter their premises, they can often create signage that is unique or impressive. One of the most interesting developments in this area is the use of custom fountains instead of traditional business signs.

These fountains are custom-made and incorporate the business logo in an attractive and suitable manner. For example, a company with an earthy logo and mission can easily find a good array of options and designs that use materials suitable to the display of their logo. This might be a stone background into which the logo is carved or etched, but it might also be one of the custom fountains that rely on a brushed metal background too.

This is the real “beauty” of any personalized or customized fountains – they are a perfect reflection of a business owner’s taste, style, and professional esthetic. If you don’t believe that this is the case, just stop to consider some of the locations in which you have already seen custom fountains installed.

They are found in spas and salons, restaurants and lounges, waiting areas of all kinds, lobbies for large and small companies, and so much more. Consider too that most of these fountains actually have the business logo appearing somewhere on the fixture, and if not, they have some sort of appropriate art incorporated into the design.

The trick to selecting the right features begins with the choice in materials. As we already mentioned, a business might have an “earthy” esthetic, but a business might have a very streamlined or “clean” esthetic, a modern or high-tech look, an elegant or opulent look, and so much more. When a fountain is built with the most appropriate materials, it is often easier to make further decisions about such things as the shape and size.

Luckily, custom fountains are available in every material put to use in the “stock” models, and often in some that they aren’t. They can easily have original artwork and graphics added to them, and they can use lighting, multiple materials, and alternative shapes to meet the needs of the space or the business.

If you are looking for a very modern and “cool” feature to use in your business space, you should consider a customized fountain with your logo as the perfect centerpiece.

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